The Shooter


Some of my earliest memories involve my jump-start graduation, making MLKJ cakes in my Easy Bake Oven, and going to Rite Aid to have my throwaway camera film developed. So, it's fair to assume I've always been a child with a fist in the air for equity and one who wanted to capture life's moments. 

I'm a creative person and a memory hoarder. I have birthday cards from 8th grade. I take pictures of so many people, and I frequently visit my grandma's house to take pictures of pictures. 

I love making memories. I love storytelling. So, the essence of what I do is capture your story on camera. I know how priceless photos are. They are the one thing that seem to make a moment live on forever. 

My papa really was my inspiration to turn my hobby into a career. So, just like him I aim to make every client like family, never meeting a stranger.


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